Sue Hill

Long Time San Clemente Resident

Experienced Parent Leader

Prepared to Represent Students, Parents, & Taxpayers

I am running to represent San Clemente on the board of education in order to strengthen, nurture, and promote excellence in all our schools and opportunity for every child. 

As a 20 Year + San Clemente resident, education nonprofit leader, and experienced champion for students, I will use my deep understanding of education funding and commitment to education fundamentals and healthy school communities to demand the best for San Clemente schools.

My years of service to education and to this community have prepared me to be an effective proactive voice for San Clemente today.

In these challenging times, I will continue to keep the needs of students at the center of every decision. 

I ask for your vote and thank you for your support.


"Sue Hill worked tirelessly for our students. I found she always put the children first in any situation. When budget cuts forced us to discontinue the homework program which impacted our most vulnerable students, Sue Hill immediately went to work and found outside funding so we could reinstate the program. This is one example of her tireless efforts to support the education of all students. I feel she would be an outstanding member of the CUSD School Board and I enthusiastically endorse her candidacy."

Holly Feldt Former CUSD Principal


Parent, Non-Profit Leader,
& Problem Solver

I have a parent's perspective of CUSD from kindergarten at Truman Benedict to graduation from SCHS.  I understand our San Clemente community and the diversity of our One Town, One Team. 

Volunteering in the classroom, on PTA boards, Foundations, Boosters, and on the school site council provided the opportunity to understand how our schools work on a school site, at the district, and the role of the community in the successful education of our kids. 

I have a history of being a problem solver, who looked for solutions, formed coalitions, and worked to make things better for all kids. 

Experience & Knowledge of the California Education System is Key!

Through my experience leading the Advocacy team,  I learned how public schools were funded and how to navigate the complicated system of school governance.  I also was able to advocate directly to state and local officials on behalf of our CUSD students in town and in Sacramento. 

Serving twice as President of the Capistrano Unified Council PTSA provided valuable perspective into each unique school community and the variety of students served. I was able to engage with parents throughout the district and helped many frustrated parents navigate CUSD. 

I attended Capistrano Unified School Board meetings for years and understand the complex topics and decisions that are under discussion from the perspective of a parent which allows me to contribute meaningfully today.


I have a degree in Quantitative Economics with a minor in Drama from UC San Diego. My 20-year career in real estate includes taking supplemental coursework in Real Estate Development and construction. These skill sets will be an asset on our school board as they navigate the potential sale and development of surplus property as well as understanding of complex financial and budget decisions.

Happy Kids with Books

Candidate Statement

The Stakes are High

I am running for school board because San Clemente deserves a representative who will protect taxpayer dollars, be a champion for students, and who possesses the critical qualifications for the office of School Board Trustee. 

My degree in Quantitative Economics from UCSD taught me the value of conservative business & budgeting principles. I have strong ties to the community as a result of my 20-year career in real estate, and my years of experience on CUSD non-profits boards have given me a deep understanding of California education funding.

I ask you to vote for Sue Hill for CUSD governing board.

As a lifelong resident of Orange County, my husband and I chose San Clemente to raise our family for the quality of life and the quality of the local public schools. Our children attended San Clemente schools K-12 where I devoted countless hours in classrooms and on school sites. 

While serving on school district advisory committees and school site council, I learned to listen to the community, cut through the noise, build coalitions, and get things done for our schools.  

I have a legacy of positive impacts which include:

  • Co-founded the Forster Ranch Education Foundation and Served on Triton Booster Club Boards;

  • Held PTA positions at Truman Benedict Elementary, Bernice Ayer Middle, and San Clemente High

     School contributing enrichment programs and educational equipment.

  • Elected twice as Capistrano Unified PTSA president, representing over 50 Capistrano Unified Schools and providing mentorship, training, information, and problem solving for parent leaders throughout CUSD;

  • Worked to increase parent participation in district task forces;

  • Advocated for our students and increased education funding for 3 years, as Capistrano Unified  

     Legislative Advocacy Chair;  

  • Raised money through partnership grants to fund BAMS after school homework program;

  • Gathered a coalition to launch the Link Crew peer mentoring program at SCHS to improve social, emotional, and educational student outcomes;

  • Relaunched the CUSD district-wide college fair.

I will fight to keep resources in the classrooms, on our campuses, and focused on the needs of students. I will fight to include community voices in decision making and fight against top down leadership. I support educational choices and a wide variety of educational programs to meet the needs of our diverse community. 

I am committed to:

  • Protecting Taxpayer Dollars and Ensuring No Toll Road in San Clemente.

  • Advocating for more on-campus student support and lower class size.

  • Ensuring safe, secure school campuses including social-emotional health and an environment that supports learning for all. 

  • Expanding career technical education offerings including workforce development, skilled building trades, EMT, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy programs to prepare students for today’s job market.

  • Protecting rigorous college-prep curriculum, sports, arts, and engineering/technology.

I ask for your vote for the CUSD governing board.

San Clemente Community Leaders, Parents, Teachers, and Students Endorse    Sue Hill for School Board.

Partial List

Ed Molina

Patricia & Jim Holloway

Anna Mendez

Jim & Kathleen Sigafoos

Susan Parmelee

Teri Steele

Amy Hanacek

Karen Yoder

Veronica Hoggatt

Lori McLaughlin

Steve & Amy Litchfield

Susan Goggins

Corri Roe

Heather Arnwine

Kim Van Dixhorn

Linda Kidweiler

Jenny Goit

Julie Payne

Tiffany and Chris Wronski

Jackie Whitney

Dee Ann Combs

Liz Lemus

Monica Giacobello 

Sue and Will Mills

Jake Rybczyk

Zoila Tolosa

Lori Chang

Jeannie Bernier

Stacy Jones

Gina Petrikas

Jeannie Bernier

Valerie Woodstra

Elizabeth Mordock

BunE Daly

Kim Larsen

Leslie & Scott Parker

Robert  & Terry Glenn

Kimberly Currie

Pam Klevit

Holly Feldt

Tracy Welter

Valerie Woodstra

Troy Kubly

Perra Vleisides

Alyssa Dollar

Christine Gibson

Michelle Sinning

Cynthia Vikan

Dean & Kristin Zibas

Kim Anderson

Linda Verraster

Candice Middleton

Sherine Smith

Dallas Bellantonio

Shelly Reyland

Eryn Connors

Katiuska Jones

Olivia Winner

Susie Kiley

Stephanie Bartlett 

Heather Arnwine

Debbie Blakely

Judy Heidel 

Kim Larsen 

Libby Hawkes 

Jodie Goodwin

Patricia Happy

Rosemary Ashe

And Many More

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